How to humanize our relationship with friends and money? That question was the starting point of High Five, an app designed for La Banque Postale, a French banking company. With High Five exchanging money between friends is truly social & human.


High Five is a messenger app that aims to facilitate money exchange between friends. Through conversation the user can pay a friend, define a reimbursement or a funding goal, with the help of chatbots. High Five is designed to give a maximum freedom to the user and to make the money transactions more social and human.

user journey

user flow


Three simple steps: linking the bank account through credit card, creating a profile, and adding friends using phone numbers. A quick onboarding, starting with the most important information.

creating a chat group

Once on board, users can create a new chat group: choosing friends, defining the group’s purpose and adding a name and a short description.

paying through conversation

The conversation is High Five's core experience. While chatting with friends, the user can add chatbots to help make a calculation or a payment.

The payment is secured by the phone fingerprint sensor. Any participant can check the transaction history by clicking on the conversation name.

home & profile

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