EDF Design Lab

I have been working with EDF Design Lab on a dozen projects since 2015. Inside France main electricity supplier R&D department, EDF Design Lab works mainly on research and innovation projects for consumers, businesses and territorial authorities, adressing various topics such as home automation or energetic information design.

All my work with EDF Design Lab is NDA protected

ux/ui design

An important part of my work at EDF Design Lab was on ux/ui projects, designing websites, mobile apps and interfaces for connected devices.

The ux process begins with a wide inspirational research on users, context and notable similar products. Then my work is about helping the project's group to define together several detailed user journeys for the product, usually using coloured markers and large paper sheets.

Based on the user journeys, I start designing precise product's user flows before working on screen and interaction mockups, first on paper then in Sketch. I finally prototype different versions of the product, and the group can test their usability and perceptions in focus group. The focus group's feedback allows us to choose a prototype and to refine it.

product design

Associated to the interface work, I have been developping a few electronic products.

The design process here is centered on designing a form factor based on the first electronic mockups and the use of the product. A significant part of the project is dedicated to prototype and test mockups, using Arduino, carboard, 3D printing, etc.

I am the co-inventor of a patented product (European Patent n°17158936.9 - 1602) I designed at EDF Design Lab.

information design

Information design is an important part of EDF Design Lab's work. A lot of projects I worked on included electricity data understanding as a main goal (understanding energy consumption and production for example).

The information design work can have multiple mediums: a mobile app, a poster, a presentation, a video for a website, etc. My work here is to curate and to shape data to make it accessible and understandable, using design as a pedagogical tool.

design sprint facilitation

Design sprint at EDF Design Lab is a way to gather people from around the company, used to generate numerous propositions on a project or to quickstart an idea. I have been working as design sprint facilitator on several projects using various design methods, planing and managing the creative sessions. 

→ thumbnail image: graphic research for a data visualization project © EDF Design Lab
→ top image: design sprint © EDF Design Lab

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